Adding Salt Pool Chemicals For Safer Swimming

Salt pool chemicals are necessary for a safe pool. If you have a pool, you might use a salt chlorine generator or a salt water chlorinator. Morton salt makes high purity salt for swimming pools, but there are many companies that make a salt that is especially for water chlorinators.

Salt pool cleaning is vital to keeping the pool suitable for swimming. You need to keep all chemical levels in the pool in range so that you avoid any serious water conditions that may be unsafe for humans. The chlorine, pH, total alkalinity and copper levels are important as well as the cyanuric acid levels.

Salt Water Pools

Many people are now opting for a salt-water pool because it is easier to take care of and rather than add chlorine in liquid or tablet form, the chlorine generator takes the salt from the pool water, separates the chlorine from the salt, and makes it into hypochlorous acid, which is distributed in the water.

The hypochlorous acid is the replacement for the chlorine, which is the sanitizer for the pool. When you do a test of the water, you will have to test for the salt as well. If the salt level falls below the recommended level, you add salt to the pool.

Easiest Way to Keep a Pool Clean

The salt pool cleaning method is far more productive than adding chlorine to a pool. This is of course a great way to save money on costly chlorine, but it will aid in keeping the pool clean. You will want to make sure that the salt level is where it should be, so testing is needed on a regular basis. The benefits of having a salt chlorination system are why most people want to have the system.

You will have to clean the salt cell about every three months or so with muriatic acid and water. The mixture will dissolve any build up that is on the cell. This means that you will spend less time trying to clean the pool and more time enjoying the water.

Benefits of the Salt Pool Chemicals

The water is so much softer on your eyes, hair and skin. The water will not dry out the eyes, hair or skin like a chlorine pool will. The salt-water chlorinator also fights against algae growth and is cheaper than by the costly chemicals. The salt-water pools do not have a heavy salt taste, as many people would think. It is not any more than you would have with a water softener.

If you are looking for a way to reduce the high cost of chemicals for you pool, the salt pool chemicals are one way to accomplish this. You can add a salt-water chlorinator to your pool and see the savings.

You water will also be cleaner and safer. There will be need for cleaning and algae growth is almost non-existent. You feel the softness of the water the first time you swim. Your eyes, hair and skin will benefit from using salt in a pool.

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