5 Best Pool Filters For Inground Pools

The water in an inground swimming pool requires constant filtration. The objective behind the filtration is to rid the water of dust, sediment, hairs, leaves, sand and other debris. Because inground pools are below ground level, they are particularly prone to drawing in such impurities. That is why inground pool filters play such a critical role.

Without filtration, an inground pool would soon develop swamp-like traits. Thus the pool filter serves a couple of purposes. Firstly, it keeps the water in the pool hygienic. The water in a pool that has a proper filter is unlikely to make swimmers sick. Secondly, the inground pool filter improves the appearance of the pool water.

That is something the filter does by drawing sediment, sand, leaves and hair pieces from the water. Consequently, the pool water is left looking clear and pure (and therefore inviting).


Does the inground pool filter really make a difference?

To figure out if an inground pool filter makes a difference, visit a pool whose filtration system has broken down. You will notice how murky the water looks. Within a few days of a pool’s filter system breaking down, the water becomes an eyesore. Just looking at such water (let alone dipping in it) can be nauseating. This proves that the filter really makes a difference.

It is simply not possible to run a proper swimming pool without having some sort of filtration mechanism.

The filter works in a simple manner. All the water that is inside the pool is regularly pumped through the filter. So it passes through the filter, before going back into the pool. The filter has some sort of ‘sieving’ mechanism. It is able to sieve debris (even small bits measured in microns) before allowing the water back into the pool.

The debris remains on the filter media material.

The filter is then washed from time to time, to remove the debris entrapped in its media. Eventually, of course, the filter loses its capacity to trap debris from the pool water that passes through it. It is at this point that pool filter replacement need arises.

Best Inground Pool Filters Reviews

1. POOLPURE Replacement Pool Filter for Hayward C1200 and Others

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This filter uses a unique ‘dirt locking’ technology, which enables it to deliver thorough filtration results. It is capable of trapping quite big debris particles: like hair and leaves. It is also, on the other hand, able to trap very small and fine debris particles: like sediment and sand.  And it can serve as a replacement for a wide array of other compatible pool filters.

The main internal component is 120 square feet cartridge, which is quite remarkable. That yields 120 square feet of filtration area, which in turn leads to very thorough filtration output.

The top and bottom openings in this filter are both 4 inches. They are quite big. This should translate into faster filtration, due to the better flow rate. It should also translate into less pump power usage. Because these are relatively big openings, the pump doesn’t have to struggle much forcing water into/out of the filter. The end results can be huge energy savings in the long run.

At the core of this filter is PVC material. It is quite sturdy. You thus don’t have to worry about the chances of the filter bursting and ruining your entire pool.


  • It allows for fast and thorough filtering (with good water flow rate).
  • It is compatible with a broad range of filtration systems.
  • The filter’s price is quite low.


  • Installing this filter can be a little difficult on some systems.
  • The filter is sometimes slightly unstable.

2. Guardian Pool Spa Filter, Replacement for CX900-R and others (Best Budget)

Pool & Spa Filter

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If you are looking for a low cost inground pool filter with decent output, this may just be the one.

The media inside this pool filter is Reemay, and there is 90 square feet of it. Reemay media is known to entrap even the finer debris. Therefore this is a very thorough filter, in spite of its filtration area being just 90 square feet. At the very least, you can be sure that sand and other forms of sediment wouldn’t pass through it easily. The shorter filtration area can also translate into easier washing.

The length for this pool filter is 17 3/8 inches. Its diameter is 8 15/16 inches. Both the top and bottom openings are 4 inches. These dimensions are in line with industry standards. They therefore make it compatible with almost all major standard pool filtering systems.

It has decent flow rate, and its installation is usually not very hard.


  • The price is on the lower side.
  • It is quite easy to install.
  • It is capable of making ‘cloudy’ water become clear fast.


  • Filter media is only 90 square feet big.
  • The filter life is not too long (but still good enough for most people’s needs).

3. Hayward Cartridge Filter CX760RE Pool Filters For Inground Pools

Hayward Cartridge Filter

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Among the things that this filter promises are thorough cleaning, greater water flow and low energy cost.

At 8 pounds, it neither a very light nor a very heavy pool filter.

Its height is the standard 17 3/8 inch – which should translate into lots of compatibility

It is an original Hayward filter: not one of the generics. And that matters. Original brand filters are seen as more reliable. When one is using the generic products, they have to adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach. That is with regard to the efficacy of such filters. But with an original Hayward filter, you can have greater trust.

The outer parts are sturdy, which should ultimately translate into longer life.

Many other filters’ performance tends to deteriorate in certain weather conditions. This one offers all-weather guarantee.

The price at which this filter is sold is low for an original (not generic) filter.

Further, the efficacy of this filter is not affected by the standard pool chemicals. This is an important feature, as there are some filters whose working is badly affected by ordinary pool chemicals.


  • It is an original Hayward filter.
  • The price is low enough for most buyers.
  • It can be potentially very durable.


  • It may not be compatible with certain filter systems.
  • Installation may take some time.

4. POOLPURE Pool Filter Replacement for Pentair CCP420 and Others (Best Value)

Pentair Clean and Clear Plus

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This filter promises a long service life, thorough and efficient filtration all through. It is one of those filters that can be used multiple times before need to replace them arises.

It is a longer than average pool filter: at 26 inches. The top and bottom openings are both 3 inches.

The core material from which this filter draws its power is PVC. Its 105 square feet filtration area is quite good. It is capable of removing not only the typical hair and sediment debris, but also leaves and dust. Simply put, this is a filter with genuine ability to entrap all the common inground pool contaminants.

What you get, upon purchase, is a package with some 4 filters inside. These should be enough to last you for quite a while.

Besides Pentair CCP420, other filters that it can replace include ClearPlus 420, Unicel C-7471 and Filbur FC-1977.

It comes with a good warranty and should be easy to install on compatible filter systems.


  • Filter works well for long.
  • It gives a decent water flow rate.
  • It is quite easy to clean.


  • The price is somewhat high.
  • It may not fit into many filter systems (given its unique size).

5. Hayward CCX1500RE Replacement Pool Filters For Inground Pools

Replacement Pool Filter

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One strong selling point for this filter is the bigger than average filtration area it offers: at 150 square feet. This bigger filtration area should translate into greater thoroughness. The element filters water very thoroughly: leaving it truly clean and clear.

It is a relatively high filter: at 23 5/16 inches.

Another strong selling point for this element is the long filter cycles it offers. Longer filter cycles translate into greater efficiency.

At the core of this filter is reinforced polyester material. That usually gives great filtration output.


  • Bigger than average filtration area (which means better filtering action).
  • Sturdy design (which should translate into durability and safety).
  • Longer than average filter cycles..


  • It may not fit into many standard filter systems.
  • The price is higher than average.


Buying Guide: Features to Look for In an Inground Pool Filter

The features that really matter in an inground pool filter include its filtration area and the filter material it uses. Others are the ease with which the filter can installed and the ease with which the filter can be cleaned. The filter’s power efficiency also matters.

Filtration area

This depends on the length of the filtration material. All other factors being constant, filters with bigger filtration areas will tend to give better outputs.

Filtration material

This could be anything from PVC to polyester. There are also filters that use diatomaceous earth and sand. The material in question here is the one that entraps the undesirable debris materials, to actualize the filtering action.

Ease of installation

This mainly depends on the filters’ dimensions and designs. The best inground pool filters are obviously those that are easy to install. You have to remember that installation here is not a one-off affair. After first time installation, you would need to be removing the filters for cleaning, then reinserting them. Therefore a filter that is hard to install can cause a lot of frustration.

Ease of cleaning

The ease of cleaning depends on the filter material and (to some extent) the filtration area. Obviously, the best inground pool filters are those which are easy to clean.

Power efficiency

This depends on things like the filtration material and the filter’s top/bottom openings’ sizes. Power efficiency determines how much you would be spending on the filter pump’s power bills.


Which is the best inground pool filter?

The best inground pool filter is one that genuinely removes all contaminants from the pool water. It should also be capable of filtering water fast and using little power in the process. From the 5 we have reviewed, the one with the largest filtration area is Hayward CCX1500RE Replacement Pool Filter.

That filter also is also the highest, at 23 5/16 inches. The cheaper ones are Guardian Pool Spa Filter, Replacement for CX900-R and others and Hayward Cartridge Filter CX760RE. The one that is compatible with most filtration systems is POOLPURE Replacement Pool Filter for Hayward C1200.

What is the cost of the inground pool filter?

The cost of an inground pool filter can be as low as $40. It can, on the other hand, go as high as $150 (for a pack of 1). The specific figure you pay depends on the pool filter features. It also depends on the brand: with some brands having a tendency to cost than others.

How does an inground pool filter work?

An inground pool filter removes contaminants from pool water, leaving it clean and pure. The filter is usually connected to a pump. The pump in question forces the pool water to go through the filter.

The filter contains a material that is capable of trapping the dirt in the pool water. Therefore, as the pool water passes through the filter, the dirt in it gets trapped. The pool owner/attendant then gets to wash the filter later. That is done to remove the trapped dirt, before proceeding to reuse the filter.


The pureness and clarity of your pool’s water largely depends on the type of filter you invest in. The best inground pool filters are capable of removing all major forms of dirt from the pool water. They also have the ability to make the pool water look clean and nice to swim in.

The best inground pool filters have ability to deliver good results without using too much power. They are easy to install and easy to clean. All the 5 filters in this review meet that criteria. Yours then is simply to identify the one that is compatible with your filtration system. Then buy it and install it, to get the desired pool filtration results.

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