High Pool PH Levels?

If you have a swimming pool, you know how important it is to keep it clean. What you might not know is that the high pool pH level and calcium levels can irritate the nose and eyes of a swimmer. You have to keep the pH levels at a normal and safe level if you want to protect swimmers from harm.

If you have high pool levels, you must lower that level before allowing any swimming. You can use a pool test kit to check the level every week and correct the problem with a pH reducer.

Lowering High Pool pH Levels

If you have a high pool pH level, you must bring that level down. A pH reducer is the only way to do this. If you have to add other chemicals, you might want to do this first and then wait until the next day to check the pH level again.

Sometimes, when you add other chemicals, it affects the pH level in the water. To lower the high level, you use the reducer PPM for the amount of water you have in the pool. You sprinkle that reducer around the edge of the water all the way around. You do not just throw the chemical into the pool.

Checking High Pool Levels

After you have added the high pool pH reducer, you should wait for a few hours and check the level again. You should never add any chemicals along with the pH reducer. This can prove to be very harmful and could create a hazardous water supply.

Check the level and make sure that all the other levels are still correct. If you need to add other chemicals, do it hours after adding the pH reducer. Sometimes it is better to just wait until the next day to see how the levels are doing.

Kits for Checking High Pool pH Levels

The high pool pH levels are tested with a swimming pool test kit. You can use a kit to test the pH level, chorine level, calcium hardness and the total alkalinity of the water. It is important that you use the color chart to compare the tested water to so that you have the correct levels. If the colors are out of range, you will need to react. When using the testing kits, you should make sure you are following the right color for the level you are checking.

If you need to test for high pool levels, a test kit is the only safe way to do it. Make sure that when you test the pool pH level that you also check for all of the levels. When one level is off, it could be that another chemical is off.

Before you allow anyone to swim in a pool that has high or low levels of pH, you need to do something to correct the problem or the swimmer could face some burning and skin irritations. Always check the pool pH levels to maintain a safe pool.

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