How To Clean Above Ground Pool After Draining

Keeping your pool clean, is one of the most rewarding things you can do to keep your pool water hygenic and healthy. So if you want to maintain a hygenic environment around your pool, it doesn’t cost much.

If you are unable to clean up the pool yourself, maybe you are the busy type. You can hire someone to do the job for you and get it done in no time. Research reveals that, your pool, especially if you are using an above ground pool, should be cleaned at least once every week.


How to Clean Pool After Draining

Talking about cleaning your above ground pool. How do you get it all cleaned up? It is important to know how to clean things like this especially after draining correctly. Otherwise you could damage your pool and improve the chances of having infections and diseases in your water. So if you do not know how to clean an above-ground pool, it is best that you follow the necessary guides and carry out every instruction that follows.

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1. Drain your Pool

The first thing you need to consider before cleaning your above-ground pool is to drain the pool. Because you cannot practically, subject yourself to cleaning your pool while there is still water in it.

It makes no sense and not only will it damage the water, it will cause infections. Infections that have been generated from dirt. So when you drain the pool, there is a hundred percent possibility that the whole cleaning process will go with ease.

If you are looking for a way to drain the pool, then you can do so using an electric pool pump. Here is how to do it;

*Put the intake hose of the pump beneath the pool water. Then try your best to keep it in the middle of the pool.

*Then select the most convenient space around your house so that you can make the pump’s hose let go all the water from the pool. You can choose your backyard if your front lard is your lawn. Meanwhile, this particular space shouldn’t be near the pool

*Also ensure that your hands are kept dry and clean during this process after which you can now turn on the electric pump.

*You will notice when the pump starts running, the water will begin to decrease. If the water is reducing then you can leave the equipment in that form for some time until the water completely decreases.

*Meanwhile, ensure you check the pool in between draining so that flooding doesn’t take place and the equipment doesn’t malfunction.

*Turn off the pump when the water level of the pool is low and when the water cannot be drained.

*Now hook you are done with draining your pool. You can now go ahead to carry out the second step.

2. Ensure you take out the dirty pool liner

Go and check the operating manual of your above-ground pool and try to locate the pool liner. Once it is located, you can now store all the hooks and the clips as well as other attachments with care so that you can always reinstall the pool liner later.

3. Clean the pool liner

Now you can begin to get ready to clean the pool liner. Once you have taken it out of the pool, you can now spread the pool liner in such a way that you place it in a space/area that has no rocks, small branches or any kind of debris or anything that can tear off the pool liner. Now if you see any of such things, quickly remove them out of the way and then spread the liner.

4. Now prepare the cleaning solution

If you don’t have a cleaning solution, then quickly get one. You have to prepare a cleaning solution that can easily remove all of the dirt off the pool liner. You can prepare your cleaning solution by yourself.

You can start by mixing some chlorine bleach into the water. The water should be double the quantity of the chlorine bleach that is been used. Meanwhile, you should use hot water to prepare the solution. Then grab a sponge preferably a soft sponge and soak it into the cleaning solution. Then keep the sponge on the dirty area of the pool liner.

How do you clean an above-ground pool after draining?

Most times after draining, you will notice that the dirt starts to come off almost immediately. But sometimes, it doesn’t because the stains may be tougher and may therefore take longer time to wash off. Now clean stain again with the solution if the stain does not come off at once.

5. Once the stains on the pool liner begins to come off, you should simply use a brush to scrub off that area completely to get rid of the dirt. But you need to remember not to apply much pressure and use a pool brush for scrubbing. This is because, using a strong or hard brush can damage the pool liner and might even perforate the pool liner thereby creating holes in it.

6. After that is done, use a clean towel and wipe the pool liner just to ensure that it is completely dry and clean. You can also use paper towels in place of actual hand towels. Then ensure that there is no trace of bleach left on the liner.

7. Then put back the pool liner; for this last phase, you have to follow the instructions of your manufacturer for the re-installment of the liner in the pool. Once it is properly placed, you can now refill the pool with water. Your pool is then, ready for use!

What are the benefits of keeping your above-ground pool clean?

There are several benefits of cleaning your pool. However, you must know how to vacuum the above ground pool. Now the main reason is, for you to swim in your pool without no worries. Now here are the benefits of cleaning your pool.

  1. When it comes to maintenance, a clean pool cost much less.
  2. It adds more charm and attraction to your home.
  3. A clean pool prevents you or anyone that swims in the water, from allergies, infections and irritations.
  4. A cleaner pool provided more entertainment for you and your family because the hygenic water now looks inviting to play in.

This is why it is necessary to keep your pool clean to have the most fun that you can have with your above-ground pool. Generally swimming pools require a lot of maintenance. So it might look completely fun to own a pool but it also requires a lot of maintenance and cleaning.

Because when you don’t clean your pool, you will begin to face hygiene issues. Dirty pool water can be very hazardous because they can affect not just your physical body but your inward state as well.

So owning a swimming pool is not all fun and games. But cleaning an above-ground pool is not really stressful as you think. It might seem like a big deal if you haven’t done it before. But it’s pretty simple especially when it’s an above-ground pool. However, in-ground pools are harder to clean.

Finally, cleaning an automatic above-ground pool vacuum are very easy to work with. So instead of using manual vacuum, you can make use of automatic vacuum. This vacuum cleans better and work faster than manual because it doesn’t take much time to clean above-ground pools using an automated vacuum.

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