How To Clean Pool Tile With Muriatic Acid

Washing a pool with acid requires a lot of work and the use of potent chemicals. Although it may be necessary if the pool is dirty or infested with algae. Chemicals will definitely clean your pool if it is still possible to see the bottom of the pool.

Otherwise, you may have to use an acid wash for the pool. While this job is often left for the pool professionals, you can also follow the necessary precautions and handle your pool if you wish to.

Acid Blue Muriatic Acid

How To Use Muriatic Acid To Clean Pool Tile

The muriatic method of cleaning a pool tile is usually a more serious pool cleaning method. The word ‘acid’ shows just how powerful than the other types of solutions. You can find this acid at a home improvement store or a pool supply store. Also, with the use of vinegar and other mild cleaning agents, you can get into the pool and clean. Meanwhile, here’s what you need to get started.

  1. Goggles.
  2. Plastic spray bottle.
  3. Marker
  4. Plastic spoon.
  5. Respirator.
  6. Rubber gloves.
  7. Container of muriatic acid.
  8. Plastic bucket.
  9. Measuring cup (plastic)
  10. Scouring pad (non-abrasive)

Ensure that these materials have been gathered. Meanwhile follow the necessary steps below and be careful with handling the muriatic acid because it is quite dangerous.

Gather all your materials; put on your gloves, Google’s and the respirator. Then move outside the pool area and start mixing the ingredients.

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Method 1

Fill your bucket with a gallon of water and pour about 8 ounces of muriatic acid into your measuring cup, slowly and gradually pour acid into the water. Always pour the acid into the water instead of pouring it into the other way around, because acid is more likely to splash out the other way. Meanwhile another thing to keep in mind is that you need to pour acid slowly because when you mix the two together, it can produce heat, which will cause the mixture to boil.

Secondly, combine the ingredients. Take your plastic spoon and mix the water and acid. Slowly, because you do not want the mixture to boil.

Thirdly, label the spray bottle with the use of a marker. Label the measuring cup and the spoon as well with the inscription; ‘muriatic acid.’  meanwhile do not attempt to use the chemical for anything else. If you’re worried that this could happen, set the bottle aside for proper disposal.

Fourthly, scrub the pool tiles while still outside the pool then use the spray bottle to spray the pool tiles. Then with the aid of your non-abrasive scouring pad, scrub the tiles thoroughly until it’s pristine.

Finally, dispose unused acid safely. You could contact your local pool supply store to learn how to safely dispose this acid because it can be hazardous leaving it around.

Do you also know that, because muriatic acid is much stronger than other cleaning agents, it can remove calcium deposits that are much more advanced. With that being said, with the deposits that have been growing and hardening for a long time, muriatic acid may help to remove these deposits.

Method 2

  1. Drain the pool and remove the leaves, the algae and any other debris at the bottom of the pool after the pool must have been drained.
  2. Put on your protective clothing. Wear your rubber boots, your safety glasses, gloves and even a respirator that has an acid-approved filter. Meanwhile it is also wise to wear a chemical-resistant suit. It is a kind of protective suit that protects you from chemicals.
  3. Next, add about one gallon of muriatic acid to another one gallon of water in a plastic bucket. You should avoid reversing the process by adding water to the acid.
  4. Position the garden hose in such a way that the water from the hose begins to flow down over some portion of the tiles in such a steady stream at the deep end of the pool. Meanwhile you will be working from the other end of the pool towards the shallow end part of the pool so that you will not be standing in a puddle of waste water as you work.
  5. Apply the muriatic acid to the tile with the aid of a watering can. Work the acid into the grout with the aid of a brush. Now scrub the tile clean. Afterwards, rinse the tile thoroughly.
  6. Now move the hose towards the next section of the tile. Keep repeating the process until all the tiles have been thoroughly cleaned.
  7. Now mix the soda ash into the acid mixture at the bottom of the pool. With the aid of a pool brush on the end of a pole, now mix the two pounds of soda ash thoroughly into the foam for every acid you use. This will help to neutralize the acid so that it can be removed safely from the pool.
  8. Now pump he water and try to neutralize the acid out of the pool then rinse thoroughly, pump the water again and try to refill the pool.
  9. Rinse out your boots, and other protective equipment and the pool brush thoroughly to remove any trace of acid from them before storing them away.

Finally dispose any unused muriatic acid at your nearest hazardous waste disposal unit you find around.

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