How To Clean Sides Of A Pool?

Cleaning the sides of your pool should be one of the regular ways by which you care for your pool. One of the biggest task you may need to perform regularly, occasionally or during the summer months, is cleaning your pool. Because cleaning your pool regularly prevents the water in the pool from becoming murky as a result of the formation of algae.

Some of these algae would stick to the walls of your pool, and they may even end up leaving stains if they are no properly scrubbed. The walls specially need to be scrubbed on a weekly basis.

Each time you get this slick texture on the surface of your pool, that means, you need to clean your pool. Meanwhile, always brush your walls and other sides of the pool after vacuuming the side of the pool just so as to prevent any kind of dirt on the floor.


How To Clean The Sides Of A Pool

Meanwhile, when was the last one you cleaned your pool? It could be that your pool sides and the entire pool needs an entire scrubbing. But you have been putting it off because cleaning the pool may not be as fun as swimming!

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So if you are not cleaning your pool on a regular and occasional basis, you may need to sort out a day to make out time because, one day, you will not be able to swim in your pool because it is too dirty! But you don’t have to run away from your pool, because with the right pool equipment, you will get to thoroughly clean up your pool and enjoy your swimming again.

Why should we clean the sides of our pool?

Cleaning the pool is vital. You may be thinking, why do I have to bother to clean the sides of the pool when I add chlorine to my water or when the bottom of my water looks clean?

Truth is, those cleaning agents, are meant to clean the water not clean the pool sides or the pool in general. The tiled, porcelain or fiberglass pool type may start to have chemical buildup and scummy texture on the walls which can be pretty irritating. And infectious.

And so because the walls and sides of the pool stay wet all the time, it is possible that they start growing mold n there. So if you don’t clean the pool on a regular basis, then you will be bathing in a swamp in few weeks time.

The chemicals used  in the water cannot clean out leaves and bugs and other kinds of debris out of your water. So cleaning your pool regularly is a great addition you can ever think of.


Meanwhile before you get started on cleaning the sides of your pool, you have to make sure that you have all the necessary tools in hand. Because having the right tools, guarantees you of a more easier cleaning. So first before cleaning, inspect the kind of tools you have available. Check if they are in good shape or not. If they are broken or missing and you need a new one, you can get new ones.

1: Telescopic pole

This is a perfect pole for any kind of pool cleaning that you want to do. You can attach almost anything on top of it. You can attach for instance; a skimmer net, puppets (for a pool puppet show.), Vacuum heads, and brushes.

The telescopic pole can also be extended to any length of your choice. However when buying a telescopic pole, buy an eight foot pile that can extend up to 16 feet. This length will afford you the ability to clean the side walls and the pool floors when necessary.

2: Pool Brush

Greenco Pool Brush

the pool brush is another very vital equipment you need in cleaning. Because the brush will help to scrub or clean out the stiff dirts and etc. So the brush can be attached to the telescopic pole.

It can be used to scrub the pool sides, walls and floor. Removing the debris and dirt removing the algae thereby removing the algae before it grows and causes any more harm to your pool.

3: The Skimmer Net

Is one of the tools that you will get to use frequently than the others. When you attach it to the telescopic pole, you will need it to collect debris accumulated below or on top of the water surface.

So you can at least get to remove your twigs, hair ties, bugs etc. Once you pick the kind of skimmer you want; either a flat or bag skimmer, whichever one suits you best, because it is easy to shake off the debris that you have collected from the pool especially when it is wet.

Method 1

*Stand at the edge of the pool, then with your pool brush in hand, use it to brush off the sides of the pool. Make sure that, you are using a stiff brush on walls that are concrete. And use softer brush on walls that are vinyl and fiberglass pool liners. This is to prevent any form of scratching. You can also ask your pool supplier for the best brush to use for the sides of your pool.

*Place the head of the brush at the top of the pool exactly where the wall liner starts. Then, push the brush against the wall and keep working it to the bottom of the pool, then you pull it back up again. Start at the top again, overlapping another portion of the pool sides you have just cleaned.

*Now throw your vacuum hose into the pool water and fill it up with water. Then attach one end of the vacuum head, put the other end of the inlet valve of the pool pump. Then begin to vacuum every debris and dirt that was brushed out of the pool sides and walls.

*Then out the skimmer baskets completely out of the skimmer holes that is after you must have brushed the wall and pool sides with hose water. The skimmer, will then, collect the materials from the cleaning.

* Then scrub the water line using a brush that is more appropriate for your pool liner and using a more appropriate chlorine based pool cleaner. Normally this is usually enough to clean the dirt and debris out of the water line.

Scrub with the aid of a tile brush thoroughly if you are cleaning the side walls or use a sponge if you are cleaning the side line. Nylon brushes will work better for tougher spots so you can use them depending on the spot. Then try to use a purnice stone for your concrete and tiles walls.

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