Pool Liquid Solar Blankets

Many people have never heard of the pool liquid solar blankets. The one that is popular is the solar pill liquid solar blanket. You add the solar pill blanket liquid to the skimmer basket and your pool circulation system does the work.

The pill as they call it prevents heat loss and water evaporation by forming an invisible layer of biodegradable non-toxic film on the water surface. This is a new breakthrough for pool owners everywhere. You can help keep the water warm and still use the pool for swimming during the day. This is a great replacement for a solar cover that you must physically place and remove every night.

You Need a Liquid Pools

If you live in a place or location where the temperatures at night dip down, you want to use the pool liquid solar pill blanket as a fast and easy way to keep the warmth in the pool and avoid losing water level heights due to the sun beating down on the water and making the water evaporate.

This is just another way that companies are trying to make pool maintenance and heating easier for the pool owner. You simply drop the solar pill into the skimmer and leave. You will never find anything easier. This will replace the solar blankets you have used in the past.

So Many to Choose From

There are many pool liquid products to choose from when you are looking for the alternative to a bulky solar blanket to keep on the pool. You can by the product in small servings or larger serving. You can find discount prices almost every day.

Many times, you will see that the discounts are higher during the off-season than during the summer and spring seasons. You will find the aqua pill, the solar pill and the liquid ball. Any of these products will work very well for your pool.

Advantages of the Liquid Pools Solar Blanket

If you use the pool liquid solar blanket, you will save money on heating the pool. This can save money and since the blanket helps prevent evaporation this should help reduce the loss of chemicals in the water. You are going to save more money on chemicals by using a solar blanket film. The fact that the film is non-toxic is vital to pool owners. This is a great way to heat the water and save money.

The pool liquid solar blanket is the only way to put a solar blanket on your pool without all the hassle of using a bulky blanket. This will help you keep the pool warm and save the water from evaporating under the hot summer sun.

This is important since the sun and heat can cause pool chemical levels to drop or spike. You can save money and time by using the solar blanket that you just put into the skimmer and let the skimmer do the job of distributing the film over the pool. Nothing could be simpler for a pool owner.

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