Swimming Pool Cyanuric Acid Information

The cyanuric acid should always be in the 25 to 30 parts per million range. If the level drops below this level, the sun will affect the chlorine level. If the pool cyanuric acid level is above the recommended level, the chlorine is then over stabilized and the disinfection and oxidation is reduced.

If the level is allowed to reach over 50 PPM, the disinfection is reduced to nearly nothing. The high level of cyanuric acid can lead to a condition called chlorine lock. The test may show that the chlorine levels are good, but it is unable to work because the CYA level is too high.

Reducing Alkalinity

If the total alkalinity levels are high, this level can affect the pool water and must be reduced. Pool muriatic acid is used to lower the alkalinity. If the total alkalinity is out of range, which is 80 to 120 parts per million, the muriatic acid must be used to control the alkalinity that can affect the pH level, which affects the effectiveness of the chlorine and cyanuric acid. It is important to keep al levels in range so that al the chemicals can work together.

Diluting Cyanuric Acid

If the pool cyanuric acid level is high, you can use the backwash feature to take water out of the pool. Then you have to add water. The normal backwash time should be extended to get enough water out of the pool so that you can add enough fresh water to dilute the cyanuric acid that is high. This is the only way to balance the CYA and get it back to the right range. In some cases, the pool may need to be completely drained if the level is over 100 parts per million.

Using Cyanuric Acid

If you use the CYA in the pool, you must be careful to monitor the water. Pool cyanuric acid is a stabilizer, which can reduce the chlorine destruction from the sun’s ultra violet rays. Although the chlorine will be gone from the pool, the CYA will remain. If you continue to add the stabilizer chlorine granules, the CYA levels will increase until the water is diluted.

The pool muriatic acid and CYA levels must be checked to remain safe for swimming. If the pool is used regularly, the water level may require regular fillings with new water, which can help maintain the proper CYA levels.

The pool cyanuric acid and pool muriatic acid levels must be maintained in all pools. If the CYA level is out of range, you must dilute the water by backwashing the pool and removing a substantial amount of water and then add new water.

It is important that the CYA levels are not too high or swimming will not be advised. You can test the water when you test the other levels to make sure that all levels of chemicals are safe for swimming. Some test kits have everything you need to test chemicals or you can by a separate cyanuric acid tester to make sure you have a safe pool.

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