What Are Copper Pool Strips?

Copper pool strips are special pieces of paper that are designed to change color after they are dipped into the pool water. They change color according to the chemical levels in the pool water. They will test the pH, copper and total alkalinity in the water.

Even if you do not see any problems with the water, you should still use the test strips once a week. If you see noticeable problems such as cloudy water or you notice that your eyes and nose burn badly, use a test strip to check the water. Doing so will catch any problems before they advance and make more problems.

Using Copper Pools Strips

When you use the copper pool strips, you will simply dip the test strip into the pool water and compare it to the chart that comes with the kit. The strip will be a certain color and the chart will match the color.

Then you will be able to tell by the color if the chemical level is high or low. After you know where the pool level stands, you can take measures to correct any unsafe pool levels. This is the easiest way to check the pool chemical levels.

Readings of a Copper Pools Strip

The copper pool strip turns a specific color after being dipped in the water. The chart that comes with the kit has different color levels and shows what color is in the acceptable ranges and which colors are out of range.

Copper pools strips will tell you when you need to add more chemicals to balance the levels. When you add the chemicals and later check the water again, the color on the strip should be in range on the chart. You want to check every chemical level after you add even one chemical. It might change another chemical level.

Proper Pool Levels

Make sure that you maintain the proper pool levels. You should check the pH, which should be between 7.2 and not above 7.6. The chorine should be between 1.5 and 3.0 PPM. The copper and total alkalinity levels are shown on the chart as well.

You should always keep the levels in range especially if there are people using the pool. After prolonged use, a pool should be checked. This is especially true of public pools. These pools will be checked daily with the copper pool test strips.

If you have a pool, then you need a copper pool strip test kit. The test kits will be just what you need to keep the pool levels at the right levels for swimming. If you do not test your pool water at least weekly, you could have more pool problems than what you need.

Maintaining the pool is not hard when you use the copper pools strips and match the colors to the chart that comes with the kit. This will help you keep the pool at the right chemical levels, which is the main concern for every pool owner that wants a safe pool.

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