Why Your Pools PH Levels Are Important?

The pools pH levels are monitored to prevent harm to those that swim in the water. A correct PH level must be maintained. If you have a bad pH level, you need to know how to correct it and how to keep the other chemical levels intact while lowering or raising the swimming pools pH level.

If you use a testing kit, you will be able to tell when the pH level and the chlorine levels are in need of attention. People should not swim in pools with bad chemical levels. You have to understand how you get bad pH levels and how if affects swimmers.

The Correct Swimming Pools pH?

The correct levels for the pH of the pool are above 7.2 but less than 7.6. If you have any levels out of this range, you must raise or lower the swimming pool’s pH level to keep the water safe. Left untreated, the water will cloud and algae and black spots can form.

The low pH levels will also cause corrosion on any metal or fittings that are underwater. This could result in other potential problems. If you have bad levels, you must use the correct chemical to raise or lower the pH level before anyone is allowed to swim.

How do Pool’s pH Levels Affect You?

The pools pH levels will affect a swimmer differently. If the level is low, it can cause itching and burning of the skin and the nose and eyes. If the level is high, it will cause a burning sensation in the nose and eyes.

This is not ideal for swimming as prolonged exposure could cause other health problems. When the levels are low and you are accidentally swallowing the water, you are allowing bacteria into the body. This is not healthy for anyone young or old.

How do You Get Rid of Bad pH Levels?

If the pool’s pH level is low, you must add soda ash otherwise known as sodium carbonate. You will add enough soda ash for the size of the pool. You take the correct amount of soda ash and start sprinkling it around the side of the pool in the water.

The directions for the correct amount should be listed on the canister. If the pools pH levels are high, you must use the pH reducer. This will lower the alkaline in the pool and lower the pH level. It is important that you only add the soda ash or alkaline reducer separately and do not add any other chemicals until the chemical has time to work. Then you must check the chemical levels for the pH and the chlorine levels.

The swimming pools pH level must be maintained to ensure that no one is affected by the low or high pools pH levels. If you are adding chemicals, no one should be allowed in the pool until it is safe. See the recommended time on the canister. This is just as important as keeping the pool levels at a correct reading.

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